Associating of Finnish Safety Managers

Associating of Finnish Safety Managers

Association of Finnish Safety Managers, founded in 1970, is a professional organization with over 700 individual members and contributing members from key companies in the occupational safety sector.

Through its administrative structure and a membership that covers the whole of Finnish business and industry, the organization has become an established force in the sector. It worked for many years in cooperation with training and research institutions that specialize in occupational safety.

The organization aims to:

  1. promote workplace safety and wellbeing, and improve the working environment,
  2. increase its members’ knowledge about workplace safety, wellbeing and the working environment,
  3. provide its members in Finland and abroad with relevant information on the subject,
  4. create training and educational opportunities for its members, and
  5. act as a professional organization and represent its members, i.e. by issuing statements on relevant issues


Education and training:
Our organization arranges an annual conference for members in November on issues of current interest. An election meeting is also held at this conference.

Occupational health and safety conference
The occupational health and safety conference has long traditions. The conference held every March brings together occupational health nurses, occupational health doctors, occupational hygienists and occupational therapists.

Regional events
We also arrange annual regional events on specific themes where members from individual regions can exchange ideas and information on occupational safety issues.

Courses and fairs
We arrange education and training, either separately or in conjunction with fairs, following any changes in legislation or in the light of new research.

Fairs and conference trips
We pass on information to our members about safety fairs, conferences and seminars. At our members’ request, we also organize group trips to conferences.

Further and continuing education

The occupational safety diplomas developed in 1988 (FEMDI-Services) and the PD diploma in occupational safety technology (Tampere University of Technology) offer occupational safety professionals the opportunity for systematic self-development. We are developing our basic training programme in co-operation with the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, in Tampere Regional Office.

Co-operation partners

We work in co-operation with occupational safety and health organizations and companies in Finland and keep in touch with our Nordic and European sister organizations. Our expertise is valued by employer organizations, insurance companies and relevant authorities. The organization is a member of the Central Organisation for Traffic Safety in Finland.


We publish a quarterly information bulletin as well as an annual yearbook. We also pass on any other information on relevant events and products to our members.

We maintain a basic occupational safety manual designed to strengthen our members’ professional skills.


Our members can influence the organization’s operations at financial and election meetings. The elected board and officers bear responsibility for the organization’s operations and development. We make use of our members’ expertise to reply to requests by authorities and for education and training purposes. The organization’s rules were amended in 2002.

Key objectives

We work to develop occupational safety and working conditions as elements in higher productivity.

We also improve our members’ professional skills, competence and recognition in the occupational safety sector. The organization has a representative on the working environment award committee.

In addition, we work to strengthen our position as the key expert and decisionmaker in the area of occupational safety and the working environment.

Contact information:

Our website gives up-to-date information on our operations and a membership form, together with links to our co-operation partners.

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